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Thursday, 4 June 2009

The things we do for our children!!!

It's 1am and I've just finished making the birthday cake below for my daughter's birthday party later on today. Above are the bookmarks I've made to go in party bags and I ask myself why. In less than 6 hours I have to get up for work and then rush home to 'do party'! and add her name, age and birthday wishes on the puppy's frisby.
On the way home from school yesterday my daughter announced that her cake was supposed to be a chocolate one which I had obviously missed in the 'I'll decide soon which cake I'd like' conversations. Hissy fit ensued, but hopefully Mummy has saved the day by making chocolate icing to cover this adorable, slightly bug eyed puppy dog. I just hope it turns out to be edible. I'm not the best chef and when my husband came home and said 'Oo there's an egg in this mug!' it was too late when the cake was sat cooling on the rack! Hopefully 5 eggs work just as well as 6!
At least I can assume that the man coming to teach them all circus skills is still coming as he called to confirm. Fingers crossed the sun will shine or at worst it will be dry. I don't relish the thought of them juggling and unicycling up and down my hallway! Will be back to let you know how we got on.
Zoë x


  1. OMG!! sweetie you are such a star!!! The cake looks amazing the bookmarks look equally impressive, and your daugther will be once again reassured that she has the BEST MUMMY IN THE WORLD!!! Hope you wont be too tired at work today and I m keeping everything crossed for a nice day and a super party, it sure sounds like there will be lots of fun. hugs M xxx

  2. Awh Zoe - you've worked so hard, the cake looks amazing. What a wonderful and patient Mummy you are. I hope it all goes well for and at least you can relax for another 12 months after today !

  3. Wow, Zoe!!! What a fabulous fabulous cake!! It's too good to cut (but I'm sure your daughter will get over that!) Hope you all had a fab time! KAte x

  4. What a great cake and I love all the bookmarks, hope the kids appreciate them. Best of luck with the party. Sara xx


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