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Friday, 24 April 2009

Ladies Day at the Petwood Hotel

For the past 9 years, the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa has hosted Ladies Day twice a year. Year on year the event has grown from a presentation and lunch to a whole day's programme with lunch and afternoon tea. I was invited to do a demonstration and then asked if everyone could make a card. 'Yes of course' I replied only thinking later that one stamp set would not go far shared between 150 ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEkkkkkkk.
I gave the issue some serious thought and came up with several plans, but finally settled on each lady making the same card, but with each table having a different colour scheme. I invested shares in paper snips and snail adhesives and set to work on making project packs for everyone.
The day finally arrived and I managed to control my nerves, although you can't believe how difficult it is to put a brad through a tiny hole when your hands are shaking! I knew one lady in the audience crafts all the time and she smiled sweetly at me the whole time, so when I felt a little nervous I cast a look in her direction and there she was beaming confidence my way.
Below you can see the fun that everyone had and the fabulous cards that they came up with.

And here against my better judgement is a picture of me mid demonstration and on camera so that everyone could watch on a large screen.


  1. Wow Zoe, what a fantastic accomplishment !!!!!
    And it looks as though everyone made a great card and enjoyed the experience,
    congratulations and well done.

  2. YAY!! So happy it went well I am sure the ladies loved the cards I know I did when I saw them. Hugs M xxx

  3. Blimey Zoe! That all looks very professional. Well done on getting through the day. All looks really good.


  4. WOW Zoe! Congratulations! What a huge group to demo to but sounds like you were fab and looks like all the ladies had a great time, well done!! Kate x

  5. Wow Zoe - how brave. Its great to have such a huge group to craft with but I'd have been a bit daunted with the cameras. So glad that it went smoothly and the ladies had such fun. Sara xx


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