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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Stampin' Up! Warehouse Zones

When Stampin' Up! stock arrives, it is checked into the 'deep storage' zone.  Goes in on these rollers and to the left and then up onto one of these many shelves where it is held until it is moved to the 'buffer' zone.
Obviously all of this is computerised and coded. The warehouse staff punch in what they need a motorised forklift that goes up and down as well as across the shelves picks out the item which is rollered onto the forklift and brought back to the rollers at the front of the picture above.
It all then moves into the 'buffer' zone.  Here is our 'buffer' zone.

Here stock is stored until it is moved to the 'picking' zone.  The computer system is such that when an order is placed, an items availability is checked. If it's already in 'picking' then that's fine, but if stock has run low or ran out more stock is brought from the 'buffer' zone and then that is topped up from the 'deep storage' area and so the process rotates. 
We couldn't resist attempts at sneak peeks!!!!!!!! ( Sorry Paula!)

 Here's the 'picking' zone.  There were some very interesting shelves in this isle!
I'll be back with more info about this fascinating area and will explain how your order gets picked from here.

Back soon Zx


Rowen said...

Thanks for all of this Zoe, it's very interesting. Can't wait for the next lot :)

Stamp Happy Jackie said...

Before we could only imagine how it all worked, now we know. Thank your Zoe for sharing.