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Monday, 18 June 2012

Update on Vienna Quiz


This  entry was received annonymously for the quiz in my previous post. Take a look and see if you think this entry is close!!!!!!
My suggestions for you quiz

1. Teri Hatcher (after DesperateHousewives finished she got a job with Easijet)

2. Dave Jedwood (the boys' older brother)

3. Phil Mitchell (doin' a dodgy deal)

4. Philip Schofield (without the makeup)

5. Greg Wallace (that desert was beeeaauutiful)

6. Kate Winslet (she now working on the Drivethru at KFC you know)

7. Alan Carr (Chattyman, when he can get a word in edgeways)

8. John Claude Van Damm (From Belgium to Los Angeles)

9. Carol Kirkwood (new hat for Ascot )

10. George Clooney (absolute spitting image)

11. Lord Lucan (quick he's off!)

12.Lance Armstrong (watch out for the dismount)


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