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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Please send hugs!

You go through life thinking that parents are invincible.  Believing they are your strength and support. Well if you're lucky like me you do.  However that has changed in recent months since my Dad started on a medical journey that led to today when as I type he is in surgery having a Gastrectomy.  His life and that of my Mum has now changed and how they take the days, months, years ahead will be a challenge.  Dad will only be able to eat small amounts and will have to become certainly in the beginning a bit of 'picnicker' taking tiny snacks throughout the day.  Hence my card that I sent to him to make him smile and wish him well.  I doubt wine or even bread will be high on his diet list, but I knew it would make him smile.

Whether you pray or send hugs and good wishes please send them my Dad's way today and for the challenging weeks ahead that he and my Mum will face.

Thank you for your support.



Anonymous said...

Bless you Zoe. Hugs to you and your dad xx

Zoe Tant said...

Thank you. x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Sending positive thoughts your way Zoe for a smooth operation and speedy recovery for your Dad. I'm sure the card was of great comfort to him and made him smile.

Zoe Tant said...

Thank you Lorraine . Zx

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and wonderful good wishes are with you and your parents this evening :-)

An Occasional Genius said...

Sending huge hugs to your Mum and you Zoe and all best wishes to your Dad to get through the operation and afterwards with minimal stresses. Lovely card xx

Zoe Tant said...

Thanks Abi. Will pass on your best wishes to Mum. Zx

Chris said...

Aww, Zoe, sending you big hugs, you must be so worried about your Dad. Hope all went well with the op and that your parents cope well with the challenges they face, at least they know they have your love and support.
Lovely card by the way, it's sure to cheer your dad up!
Take care of yourself too!

scrappymo! said...

Hugs to you Zoe as you help your Dad through this journey of recovery. Sounds like lots of new habits and routines will have to be built now, and your card is perfect to help remind of the fun that can be had from this.
Very fun card!