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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Stampin' Up! Grand Vacation Achievers Blog Hop Mediterranean Highlights

 It's time for another Grand Vacation Acheivers Blog Hop.  Thank you for popping by to see some of my memories of this amazing trip.  It was our first cruise and I have to admit I went with trepidation and wasn't at all sure whether I should really go.  I'm not a good traveler and so it really didn't appeal, but I did know it would be a good change of scene for Martin and I as the first half of the year has been stressful with my Dad being so ill.  For regular readers he continues to do ok and thank you for your messages and support.

You can quickly see a theme through our highlights.  Food, sights and best of all time together in many places familiar to us with very happy memories.  We love Florence and Italy in general, but also France although we'd never been  to Cannes or Marseille.  We made our own tours rather than those the ship had to offer and enjoyed the adventures of trains, buses etc to get us where we wanted to be.

Ice cream in the form of a Mr Whippy type on the ship caught my George Clueknee's attention as did our visit to the Santa Trinita Gelato Parlour in Florence a  favourite of ours and the children from 2011 and a special family holiday. Sorry kids we made sure we had one or two for you also!

This is a favourite memory of mine with this chap who was quite clearly very fed up just before the photo but once he saw the camera a little life returned and a melancholy pose was born.

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Happy Hopping and remember you're currently with Zoe Tant in the UK you can see the list below. 

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ness said...

What a special time you had! I love your photos especially the last one of the street his expression....priceless!Thanks for sharing Zoe :)

Unknown said...

I can't believe our rooms were right by each other and we only met that last day! I could have been hanging over the balcony and chatting along all week. It was a pleasure and I know I will see you again soon. Looking forward to it. ;-)

Unknown said...

What fun! Here's to many happy memories!!!

~ Cynthia said...

Well Zoe - three times I have tried to leave you a comment to tell you how much I like your blog post! Maybe third times the charm? I also wanted to say....your gelato picture has me wanting some gelato right about now!!
Hope your weekend is spectacular! God Bless, ~Cynthia <><