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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

3D Card Tutorial

I have had some requests for a tutorial for the card in my last post and so here it is. It's really simple, but trying to write about it wasn't so simple and I'm no computer whizz so putting a digital picture together taxed me too far.  However I've drawn a picture and typed out some instructions and would love to hear how you get on. Thank you for the kind comments about my original card. Do share your efforts with us.
One thing is certain that you can adjust the measurements to suit your own needs.  The original card I received at Christmas was 6"x6" so this could be made bigger by sticking sheets of cardstock together, but I went for something that could easily be made from Stampin' Up! stock available sizes.  Have fun!
Click on the images to enlarge for a better view.
from left to right sections are A, B, C

1. Cut a strip of cardstock 10.2 cm by 30.5 cm  (4" x 12")
2. Score on the long side at 10.2cm and 20.4cm  (4" & 12")
3. Place card horizontally preferably on Stampin' Up! grid paper and measure from the bottom left corner of the section A  3cm across and up 1.7cm.  From this point cut a slit 1.5cm up towards the top edge of the card.
4. On section B measure from the bottom right corner 1.7cm across and up 2.5cm cut a slit upwards of 1.5cm
5.From section A cut a 0.5cm strip from the left hand edge leaving a 1.5cm which is 2.5cm from the bottom edge.
6. From section C cut a 0.5cm strip from the right hand edge leaving a 1.5cm tab which is 1.5cm from the bottom edge.
7. From Section A cut away the shaded area.  The amount can be your choice, but I cut from 7.5cm up to the top of the card.
8. From Section C cut the shaded area. Again this can be your choice, but I cut from 4.5cm up to the top of the card.  Section C folds over the front of Section A so you need to make them different heights to give the idea of depth.
9. Decorate your card and then to display it the tab on section A slips into the slit on section B and the tab on section C slips into the slit on section A from the other side of section A.  See pics below.

Back soon.
Hugs Zx


  1. I love this card Zoe and thanks for the tutorial :)
    Not sure if I am brave enough to try one out tho'!!

    Carol xxx

  2. No wonder you had lots of requests for a tutorial, it's GORGEOUS! love it, will deffo have to have a go, thanks
    Hugs xxx

  3. Zoe you are super giving us a tutorial! Was kinda hoping there might be one. Now I just need to get past all these birthdays & I might have time to try it out! xxx


  5. Lovely tutorial Zoe, will be back as soon as I have some time to try it out.

  6. great tutorial Zoe,the card is even better in real life love Dorothyxxx see you next month,

  7. Fabby! thanks for sharing this Zoe, I can't wait to have a try

  8. Thanks for sharing this....x

  9. Hi Zoe
    Thank you for sharing this, it's stunning.

    Zoe x

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tutorial Zoe.

  11. thanks for sharing just seen some on create and craft so maybe I'm meant to do something for my next class. having a think.


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