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Thursday 25 August 2011

Does my bum look big in this?

Compared to the other two lovely ladies it most certainly does I know!!!!! This is us pushing the shopping cart or picking trolley around the picking zone.  You can see a computer with a green arrow. This identifies the fact that we have reached the right point to the centimetre for a red light (top right of picture) to shine on the box that you need to pick an item from.  The trolley takes 9 orders in the red trays that you can see.   One person usually pushes the cart and collects all 9 orders simultaneously.  We picked 31 items in total and took at least 30mins the usual efficient staff collect 400 items per hour!  I think their jobs are safe from us.

Once the orders are collected they are checked here with a computer chip in each box reporting to the printer for a delivery notice and a quick check that there are the correct number of items in the box. 

From here a box is chosen and they are packed including the wonderful brown paper that we all love!!!

Once packed the delivery note goes in on top with the 'Q' number for the packer.

We all signed each others box and one or two others for our own countries fellow demonstrators.

This one went to Angela Sims.

The box is then black strapped and put onto a pallet for despatch to UPS.

It was a lot of fun and great to be able to share the day with Vanou and Maggie, who are both super ladies. I look forward to seeing them both at Convention. 
My thanks go to all the staff at Merlin Logistics who could not have done more to make this a fun experience for us. They took photos for us, were patient beyond belief with our excitement and were happy for us to 'play' with all the kit. Thank you. 

The finale of the day was crafting with these fab girls and Charlotte as well as a crafting session with Chris one of our wonderful demo support team. I have picture evidence and that will be here soon, but I need to put my children to bed.

Enjoy your evening.
Hugs Zx


Teri said...

Looks like you had a really lovely day Zoe! Angie's one of my downline .... I'll ask her if she spotted your message!

Teri xxx

Victoria said...

I love the way you're teasing us over the week with your venture Zoe! Can't quite believe you got Chris crafting though, there's a photo I can't wait to see!

Tara Cardwell said...

That looks so cool Zoë - what a fun day you had :-D

Rowen said...

Thanks for all the photo's and info Zoe. Dashed my vision of the picking line though lol :)


Tracy said...

Wonderful commentary Zoe, it looks like you had a fantastic day. Well done you deserve it after all your hard work.


Jane said...

Thanks Zoe! Got my signed box!! Glad you had a great time, what a cool incentive, well done xxx

DesignerDiva said...

YOu all look to be having a lot of fun! Great pictures Zoe
Hugs Laurie x