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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Strudel Making in the Schonbrunn Bakery - Stampin' Up! Style

Strudel making at the Schonbrunn Palace was a surprise group activity that we all enjoyed and entered into the spirit of it completely.  Bekka's partner Joe somehow managed to get a floury derriere and I'll leave it up to you to work out how!!! (No it wasn't really Shelli, but Bekka has a naughty smile!!!!)

Not alone, as others tried it too,  some vented their frustrations on each other!!!

And some S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D  the politeness and patience of the staff as well as the pastry!!!!!
Some couldn't resist a little nibble in between rolling and stretching!

Some husband and wife teams pretended to look nonchalant to give the impression that there wasn't really a battle of the sexes going on with something as simple as strudel making.  Competitive edge is the all important thing when pride is stake!!!
Some thought it was Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp who'd been spotted in the grounds and tried out as extras for the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Some caused great consternation,  amongst those watching around them.

Some just stood in line and behaved......................briefly!
Although what Michelle is doing with her hands to make her pucker up like that I don't know!

and of course some just had to be silly!
Fr'o'nk sat with the well behaved and so was hidden from view, but can be seen on the Stampin' Up! facebook page!

And although once cooked most strudels looked like road kill to fit them in the box some talented folk shared  their creativity by adding their names in pastry.

Such a fun activity - I recommend it to you all!
One tip though - Don't eat all of it at Midnight like a certain Passionette Leader did!!

More soon


  1. How amazing this seems to have been and what a cherished memory it will be!

  2. these are classy pics! I have to beg you to email me the one of me and Tracy!

    1. You don't need to beg I'll send you pic of Jack Sparrow and friend. Zx


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