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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fr'o'nk's Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip Adventure Continues

Saturday morning was exciting for the demonstrators in Vienna as it was time to share their swaps with each other.

Here's a look at my swap

I used air dry clay and stamped it with a 'naked' Parlour Prints background and then used basic black ink to stamp Vienna in the language of the recipient. Here you see a french version (picture courtesy of Dorothy).
By the time swapping was over Fr'o'nk was somewhat bored and so decided to attract our attention by free falling from the roof of the hotel.  Luckily for him Natalie was quick of the sofa and caught him as he passed the hospitality suite window!!!

Confined to the sofa, he rested before he was  persuaded to spend the day sightseeing. He headed out for the famous Zanoni Zanoni Ice Cream Parlour for some gorgeous italian gelato.  Yes believe it or not Vienna is full of Italian ice cream shops.

He took in the sights!!
He admired one bust

And then another

Before he ignored the sign saying keep off the grass!!!

His behaviour went downhill from then on.  He took to drinking.......

After a sleep on park bench

he was caught short...........

and finally stopped by the Police

who threw him jail

where he realised the error of his ways, but not before the influence of ice cream and all the other naughties he'd consumed took their revenge.

I offered mitigation for his behaviour and persuaded the Police that his youthful exuberance and excitement had got the better of him and that he promised to behave for the remainder of the trip.  They agreed to release him.  I wish I could be this successful when negotiating life with my children.

That evening he agreed to have a quiet dinner in the hotel restaurant before joining the rest of the group in the bar.

(food picture for those of you who know who you are........)

In the bar he even bumped into George Clueknee
(who does he think he's kidding!!!!!!!!!!!! Just don't tell him that I know he's not the real George Clooney!)

It was then up the apple and pears, well up in the posh lift actually,  to the land of nod for sweet dreams about his adventure in Vienna on the Stampin' Up! UK Incentive Trip 2012.

No stuffed animals, policemen or husbands were hurt in the production of this story.


  1. Zoe, such a funny post! I really enjoyed the Story of Fr'o'nk's trip to Vienna. Semms it was an exciting journey. :-)

    Looking forward to meet you and Fr'o'nk on the Convention in Mainz
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks Nadine. I look forward to meeting you too!

  2. Great post! Really funny. Looks like you had a fab time and I adore your swap- really unique and something different ! x

    1. Thanks Keren, I consider this a very special compliment from someone as talented as you. You've made my day!

  3. sooo funny Zoë, great story. Amzing how much fun one can have with a mascot lol!!!

    What??????? only ONE photo of food??? More surely?

    1. So glad you enjoyed our little bit of fun. There's half eaten ice cream too what more do you want!!!!!! LOL.

  4. I am sat here still chuckling out loud at the adventure's of Fronk. Sad but I even jealous of him getting to go on the trip!

    You really deserved this reward, keep up the good work!

    x Alison x

    1. So pleased it's made you smile Alison. Thanks for your kind words. You'll be there next time I'm sure! Zx

  5. Zoe, you have really cheered me up, (having a really stressful time at the moment) Thank you for sharing Fronk's adventure. Perhaps you can take me next time as I would be more well behaved lol

  6. Its him, it is, George, the real deal. Hes my hero. .X.

    1. Should have gone to specsavers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Get off zoes blog martin!

  7. Brilliant capture of Fr'o'nk's adventure Zoe and it has made me smile after a lousy few days, so thank you.
    Tracy x

  8. You brightened my day with Fronks adventures Zoe - have you ever thought of writing a book!!

  9. Hi Zoe, that monkey is having too much fun, soo jealous, that's it, coming back as your monkey next time! Love the swap too hun.
    Hugs Sue W.


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